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More boards

Posted by 6mmfan on November 10, 2011

Hi all

Another update on progress. I’ve been gluing two boards together a day so after a few days I’ve finished 8 boards. You can see the river section I cut in the boards and some of the plain boards. They all begin and exit at the same point on each board so I can vary the setup

The first 8 boards

WIP – gluing the boards onto the foam. I use a Selleys “No More Nails” which seems pretty strong and easy to use, and I let it cure for the full 24hours for each board. I stack the rest of the boards ontop and a few boxes of wargaming figures to weigh it down while the glue sets. SO far I’ve only had one board slide a bit while the glue was setting, so I will have to trim the edges with a hand saw.

Closeup with the glue I’m using

The Joins. I had to leave a reasonable gap between each board otherwise the foam “teeth” catch on the wood of the other board when you push them together. I found this out the hard way after I cut all the pieces and glued the first couple to the foam and the foam wouldn’t interlock. So I had to go back and cut 20mm off 2 sides  of each of the wooden boards… The only good thing is I can use the offcuts for the table edge pieces.

BTW all my flock from Angel Barracks has turned up and it looks very good. I’m going to start a test with the paint and flock on one of the boards. Hopefully the paint will cover the green and black evenly.


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