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Town Planning

Posted by 6mmfan on November 4, 2011

Another update as I figure out how I will layout my towns. I’m trying to get away from the traditional square shaped towns but still have something that is flexible. Hexagons seems to fit together well and it is easier to run roads at different angles. I can also use blank sections to make the towns smaller or use the individual pieces as smaller towns.

I created some 1:1 cardboard templates I am using to map out my towns. The rules I use for moderns have a restriction of 300x300mm for any town so the furthest distance of any two points of the hex is 300mm. I will make enough for 4 towns with 2 of each layout and some extra bits in the future.

I  am also planning to use the same shapes for my forests so I could mix town and forest sections together.

The little rectangles represent buildings and the larger one a church (kind of)

Layout number 1

Layout number 2

Some variations

And more variations

Lots more options are possible but this gives you an idea. I can make bigger or smaller towns depending how I match the pieces so it will hopefully be flexible.

I will use 2mm plasticard for the town bases as it is nice and strong and doesn’t warp. I’ll probably bevel some of the edges as 2mm is quite thick.

After cutting out some of the smaller pieces I realise that I will have to be careful with some of the larger buildings, which I don’t know if they will fit that well on the bases


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