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More on wheels and the start of some scenery

Posted by 6mmfan on June 11, 2009

Well I’ve just spent the last week and a half painting a army for the NZ Flames of War Mid war GT. Now I can get back into some 6mm scaleĀ  stuff again.

In the last blog I didnt have a lot of success cutting the wheels out of plastic card so I decided to try stamping them out of putty. The plan was to use Procreate to make the mold and the wheel. I’m also waiting for a hobby hole punch to turn up so I thought i’d try this out first.

I got some of the plastic wheels I had lying around and glued them onto pieces of sprue so that they could be easily stamped into the putty mold. I assembled some tubes of brass, a needle and a dremel bit. One handy tool that I had was a round bladed tip from a dremel type tool. I had a Fuller dremel style machine that came with one but some how I lost the bit so I had to buy another. It is very useful for making spoke or wire wheels.

Various tooks for stamping into the procreate to make wheel molds


And the wheel molds from procreate putty

Wheel Molds
I pressed the various tools into the putty along with brass tubes to create the wheels. I stuck the putty onto some scrap plasticard to give it some rigidity. I removed the strips around each one later on, as they got in the way when I was pressing the putty for wheels onto them.

The first batch!

First Wheels
I am pretty happy with the result even though they are a bit irregular and they still need trimming and cleaning up. The detail is good considering the size, and the wheel nuts (made from poking the needle into the mold) on the larger truck wheels are visible. Also the spoked wheels can be seen in the 2 middle wheels on the right side of the picture. I figure that if I make enough wheels, then I can use the best ones for the masters.

The start of making scenery

I thought I’d start with something simple so I am making some gardens for a chateau or as a town square/garden. The basic shape was made from plasticard and the I added some foliage out of putty. This is half a “set” as I will sell 2 retangular shapes, 2 square shapes , 4 triangular shapes and 4 curved shapes in a set along with a statue or fountain. They should be a good addition to any town square or the garden of a chateau/manor.

Whilst these would be easy to make yourself, I’m aiming this at the gamer who cant be arsed/doesn’t have the time to make these themselves.

The garden pieces almost finished

Garden pieces

Thanks for reading.


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