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A journey into the world of making 6mm wargaming pieces

About my blog

This blog is about the weird and wonderful world of wargaming.  I started it as part of a new project to design and create wargaming figures and scenery in 1/300th (6mm) scale. It will bopeful show the stages of making figures and terrain which I intend to sell. I am doing this with a friend who is a very good sculptor, and he will be making 6mm scale figures.

The 6mm on this blog refers to the scale where 1mm = 1foot.


3 Responses to “About my blog”

  1. Chris said

    Its been my dream to make my own figures. I look forward to your progress!

    • 6mmfan said

      Thanks. BTW i noticed that the ZIL 131 truck you have on your site is a South African SAMIL 50 truck by Scotia.

  2. David said

    Hi, have you made any roads? I´m trying to do some 6mm road for an ECW project, but find it hard to get the proper look. Buying commercial is an option that I want to postpone as much as possible.



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