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Some new terrain masters

Posted by 6mmfan on July 7, 2009

After a bit of a break while I worked on other things I’m back into it.

My hole punch tool arrived and it looks very useful. The punches are hollow so if the pieces get stuck in it you can push them out easily. I might invest in a better hammer as I only have a claw hammer and I think its overkill for punching through 0.5mm plastic card!

Craft Punch

I gave it a go on some 0.5mm plasticard and here’s the results. I tried it on the cutting board but its too soft and it allowed the plastic to flex and it didn’t cut well. Later on I tried it on a piece of wood and the results were much better.

Plastic Cutouts
Onto some terrain

First I finished off the garden sets but I am still making a fountain to go with it. I might make the fountain part separate as it would be easier to cast I suspect.

Next I started on some tiled stone walls. These will be useful for European scenery and are generic enough to be useful for other periods. I made some 60mm long sections and the corner sections are 15mmm long in each direction. I laminated two pieces of plasticard together so that I could cut holes and have brick plastic card showing through.

Stone Walls

The door was scored into the plastic (I softened it by putting a small dab of plastic glue onto it first) and I added some tiles around it from 0.25mm plasticard. I also added tiles onto the corner sections but they are very hard to see in the photo.

More stone walls

Then I added some small wall supports and covered the walls with a thin layer of modelling putty to create a slight texture.

After that I put a thin strip of modelling putty along the top and once it had hardened slightly I sculpted the tiles onto it with a modelling knife.

Finally I textured the base with modelling putty and made a couple of small bushes to break up the wall sections a bit.

Stone walls almost finished

I plan to make a bigger gate and a damaged section of the wall to go with these and tidy these up a little bit more.

Next blog I’ll hopefully finish off the other walls sections and I have a good idea for 6mm trees to try out.


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