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Welcome to my new blog

Posted by 6mmfan on May 26, 2009


The idea of this blog started when a friend and I decided to start making our own figures in 6mm scale.  There are quite a few gaps in the ranges available and quite a difference in quailty between the different manufatcurers. Whilst I’m not a fan of blogs I thought it would be good to document to some of the ups and downs of creating figures and scenery.

I already had a few ideas about 6mm models that I wanted to create and these includes civilian vehicles, modern African soldiers and mercs, civilians and some vehicle crews.  My friend would sculpt the figures and i would try making some terrain masters.

Later on I came up with a master list of vehicles/scenery based on the ideas I got from others and also from looking at terrain in other scales:-

Terrain/Scenery packs

Small street furniture
Rural accessories
City street pack
Village accessories
Chateau accessories
Sheds/ Lean to’s
Street lights
Telegraph poles
Power pylons
Industrial accessories
Supply depot
Truck/supply yard
Motorway roadworks
Oil farm accessories
African buildings


2 stationwagons – Mercedes Benz wagon, Ford Cortina wagon
2 coupes – Citroen bubble car, Jaguar XJS, Ford Capri
3 Sedan – Mercedes SL sedans, Fiat 125, Jaguar XJ
1 Convertible – Saab, BMW 3 series
1 h/back – VW Golf,
SUVs – Chevy Suburban, Toyota Landcruiser
Vans – Ford Transit, Chevy van
Police car
18+ wheeler tractor trailer with flat deck and maybe a fuel tanker trailer
Additonal loads for the flat deck
Truck tractor – 2 different cab styles – 1 Mack and 1 Mercedes Benz/Volvo

I will flesh out the ideas soon and add another blog. If you have any suggestions/comments please let me know


Chateau accessories Fancy garden





4 Responses to “Welcome to my new blog”

  1. Adam said

    Well Done Kieran…
    I cant wait to see the first 10 items from your scenic list.
    Dont forget that it’s all about the quality in this scale….
    THe better the quality …the more you’ll get market interest & it’ll all be passed on by word of mouth.
    Good luck!

  2. Evan said

    I really wish you all the best with this, it’s a lot of hard yakka. The things you want to make are hard to find, so you will have potential buyers. The major fault of most makers is not using the web very well. The products are great, but so small, very hard to see. If you can get great photos up on your Blog, you will have a better chance. Good luck, Kieran.

    • 6mmfan said

      Yeah I agree. The plan is to make stuff that isn’t available rather than compete with figures already available (unless we can make better quality stuff). I’m not sure how easy it will be to make the smaller stuff but we’ll wait and see.

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