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Back with a new project – 6mm terrain boards!

Posted by 6mmfan on November 3, 2011

Making 6mm Terrain boards

Over the last year or so i’ve been amassing ideas, bits and pieces to begin work on a set of 6mm terrain boards. These will be used for mostly 20th century gaming but I’d like to use the for napoleonic and ever earlier if possible (this will depend on the road colour mostly). The main motivation (if I needed any) is a modern tournament here in Auckland in Feburary. I want to have enough tiles done to cover a 8x6ft table and maybe more.

Board materials

Closeup of the tiles

I’m going to use 2x2ft interlocking foam tiles (which are used as kids play mats) and I’ll mount the on 4.75mm MDF. I will make hex shaped areas on my boards plain (no flock) so that I can add removeable terrain features like towns, forest, woods, fields etc. and I will also make plain areas (flocked but no details) where I can add farms, small villages and other smaller items. Some terrain will be fixed including hills, rivers, roads, streams, ponds and a coast line.

Some of the other pieces like hills will have a clear area on the top, where I can add features like a cell phone tower, wind turbine, stone circles, temples, monastries and windmils.

I’m planning to make some new towns for the terrain boards and these will be no larger than 300x300mm and a hex shape (this seems to be the most flexible for joining road and I can rotate pieces. There will be 1 main section per town with 2 – 5 smaller pieces and I can use the pieces as smaller towns if required. I will have about 6 different shapes but they should fit together pretty well as a hexagon can be divided up easily. I’ll post some pictures of the template I have to give you an idea of what I mean. The terrain pieces to go in these wont necessarily fill the whole area so I will have filler bases (eg fields, parks). Also there will be roads which will enter all in the same place for each blank area.

This lets me create cool things like ditches next to roads, sunken terrain, good looking water ways, gullys, folds and so on. I’ll also have individual trees (with pins in the trunks) which i can stab into the terrain and can put them anywhere (I might try and do this for power poles, lampposts etc.

I have a few buildings painted already and I’m finishing off my airfield buildings (there will be a small airfield on one of the tiles). Most of my large towns wll be paper buildings but I will still use a few resin and scratchbuilt ones and i’ll mount what I have already finished on the new bases to save time.

Thats all for now. I’ll post some pictures of some of the materials and town sectors plans I used probably tomorrow. And I’ll keep updating this thread with progress.


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