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More new scenery

Posted by 6mmfan on August 13, 2009

Well I’ve been busy with painting and terrain making commissions so I have been slack keeping this blog updated but its good to see that people are still visiting this page. 🙂

The 1/300th vehicles have taken a back seat to the scenery since it is easier to mold and cast in resin.  For any metal figures/vehicles, we need to find a local person/company that can cast metal figures, and the options are limited.

Tree trunks/ stumps

Most wargames trees come with twisted wire trunks which look ok from a distance but stll look like twisted wire trunks. I came up with the idea of making trunks after seeing the lovely larger scale tree trunks by Snapdragon.

I started by finding some small brass tube offcuts, and checking that a few different brands of twisted wire trees can fit inside them.  Then I made a base area out of a blob of green stuff and pressed the brass tube into it. Once that had hardened, I made the trunk out of modelling putty. I wanted to make them big enough to stand up to the casting process but not too overscaled. The details on the trunks are quite exaggerated but hopefully that means that they will paint up well.

Close up of the tree trunks

Close up of the tree trunks

Once they are finished it should just be a matter of trimming the trunk of your tree and glueing them into the trunk. Another option is to fill the hole to make a tree stump, or add a few twigs/ pieces of wire to make damaged trees.

Tree trunks

Tree trunks

They are pretty simple and are easy to make yourself, but if you are like me and have hundreds of trees then it could become very time consuming.  So these are aimed at the gamer who doesn’t have the time or inclination.

Next up will be some African buildings. I have also been experimenting with different methods to make African shanty buildings. I have some good templates for making windows and corrugated iron and I will try and include those in the next posting.

Thanks for visiting

I have some good templates for making windows and corrigated
iron and I will try and include those in the next posting.

One Response to “More new scenery”

  1. 6milphil said

    These are looking good and would work with Mike Angels’ idea for wargaming freindly forests.

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